We recognize that today lead time and quality standards are key aspects for the success of most of the projects and mission.


We merged the values of tailor made solutions with the economic and strategic advantages of standard products. Thanks to this modular approach, starting from the baseline solution, each product can be easily customized to fit specific user request without the fear of encurring in additional costs.


Products are desinged in order to provide compatibility with the majority of commercial components as payloads or specific subsystem provided by third party supplier. Our mission is to cover all the nuances ranging from the procurement of a single hardware to providing the complete platform, offering maximum flexibility in solution build-up.


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SM Structures is the family of CubeSat structures designed to offer a valid solution to satellite developers. Based on the key concept of flexibility, SM structure is designed to be free from the constraints of using specific commercial component. The solution covers from 1U to 12U Cubesat platforms satisfying all the necessity of the customer.

The product is based on the concept of a high customization range available to the customer, starting from the standard version. The aim is to provide the customer with a "tuned" solution to exploit all the margins for optimization of spaces, volumes and masses, available on the satellite and permit the integration of each of commercial hardware chosen. 



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  • Small satellite structure design 
  • Large satellite structure design
  • On-spec design of deployable mechanisms 
  • Structural analysis and verification
  • Design of CFRP structural elements
  • Support equipment design
  • Mechanical manufacturing services:
    • High precision machining
    • Aerospace welding
    • Additive Manufacturing
    • Non-destructive inspection
  • Manufacturing in technologies in titanium, aluminum, steel, special alloys, additive. 



  • 1U CubeSat Structure
  • Weight 89 g 
  • 6 Deployment switch (Standard) - Customizable
  • Configurable board stacks
  • Horizontal and vertical stack assembly 
  • Qualified according to JX-ESPC-101133-B and ECSS-E-ST-10-03
  • Standard structure
  • Assembly screws
  • 2 Stand-off kill switches
  • 4 Column switches
  • Stack assembly standard set












Q- Quad Aperture


Quad aperture layout is the standard layout of SM12 end-frames presenting 4x  83x90 mm aperture. 

C- Central Aperture


Suitable solution for  centered axial aligned payload such optics and propulsion system thanks to a central 100x100 mm aperture

F- Full Frame Aperture


The solution allowing the maximum flexibility for demanding payload such as large optics thanks to a total clearance of 200x200 mm.

D- Double Aperture


Double aperture layout presenting 2 aperture of 83x210 mm to allow integration of 6U form factor components.