Who We Are

Spacemind is a business idea born inside the University of Bologna with core business focused on nano satellite technologies.

The team was composed by Master Aerospace Students with experience in the Space Robotic Laboratory of the University of Bologna. Spacemind won a EU SPINNER2013 call for creation of enterprise and started working in the field of nano satellite encountering multiple reality in the industrial field. One of these was an N.P.C. who decided to acquire Spacemind as internal division to sustain and create the business in space sector. 

Nowadays Spacemind is operating both on field of nano satellite both in the field of space observation through the realization of high perfomances  telescope mount.

Our Experience

Space debris mitigation studies:

  • Active debris removal  concepts (ESA Rexus12)
  • Deorbiting technologies
  • 2011 Observation campaign (ASI - UAI)

Cubesat subsystem development:

  • Structures
  • Deorbiting system

Cubesat missions involved:

  • ELEONORA 3U Cubesat (Polytecnique of Montreal - Polyorbite cooperation)
  • URSA MAIOR 3U (University of Rome cooperation)
  • 1KUNS 1U Cubesat