MORAL M1000 represent the definitive solution for 1m class telescopes and professional observatories. The system is targeted to high demanding applications in astronomical and defense scenarios with the possibility thanks to the capability to operate at 60°/s slew rates with 1'' of mechanical pointing accuracy. The system can operate up to 1000 Kg payload with a maximum aperture of 1.3 meter. M1000 represents the native project from which derived the minor versions of MORAL.


PAYLOAD Reference Values   MOTION Reference Values  
Weight [Kg] 500 Margin on Power  10%
Inertia with Margin [Kgm2] 486 Istantaneous Peak Power [W] 7800
Max Weight Displacement [Kgm] 23 Continuous Power [W] 286
CG admitted max misalignment [mm] 47 Acceleration/Deceleration AZ/EL [°/sec2] 60
Distance between plates [mm] 1340 Limit Velocity AZ/EL [°/sec] 195