MORAL M500 is the smaller version of MORAL family mounts: designed for telescopes up to 500mm, in spite of the small dimensions it is however able to operate payload of 150 Kg (up to 300Kg) with outstanding motion performances. Thanks to this it is the suitable solutions for simoultaneous mounted payloads. MORAL M500 has borne from the requirements of professional high quality flexible solution the realization of observatory networks in SSA application scenario


PAYLOAD Reference Values   MOTION Reference Values  
Weight [Kg] 150 Margin on Power  10%
Inertia with Margin [Kgm2] 36 Istantaneous Peak Power [W] 800
Max Weight Displacement [Kgm] 1,5 Continuous Power [W] 70
CG admitted max misalignment [mm] 11 Acceleration/Deceleration AZ/EL [°/sec2] 60
Distance between plates [mm] 595 Limit Velocity AZ/EL [°/sec] 200