MORAL M700 represent a strong and versatile solution for medium class telescopes and medium size payload. The system is highly performant beeing able to operate a payload of 300 Kg (up to 500Kg). M700 is specifically designed for telescope in the range of 600 to 700 mm aperture, weather required, the system can be adapted for a 800mm aperture telescope.


PAYLOAD Reference Values   MOTION Reference Values  
Weight [Kg] 300 Margin on Power  20%
Inertia with Margin [Kgm2] 78 Istantaneous Peak Power [W] 1600
Max Weight Displacement [Kgm] 1,5 Continuous Power [W] 242
CG admitted max misalignment [mm] 13 Acceleration/Deceleration AZ/EL [°/sec2] 60
Distance between plates [mm] 795 Limit Velocity AZ/EL [°/sec] 200