Open platform

Parametric design for a wide range of possibilities


In an extremely dynamic application reality it is necessary to be able to satisfy any kind of requirement. For this reason NPC decided to apply a parametric approach in the design of MORAL that permits to easily tune the system according to customer requirement both in terms of hardware and software, without incurring, in most of cases, in any additional engineering costs. MORAL is a complete OPEN platform: a real “standard” version does not exists being each version adaptable to satisfy any kind of performance and application scenario. However NPC is glad to propose a small range of pre-configured mounts version as initial baseline proposal to facilitate the choice of the proper solution and satisfy the most of the possible applications. Even if in the standard configuration is suitable for most cases, however, it may be necessary to introduce design modifications whether specific requirements or constraints applies.

MORAL is thus modeled around customer needs so that any emerging application issues can find an efficient solution. Starting from pointing and motion performances, through power supply and consumption requirements up to hardware and software implementation, the user can customize any version of MORAL to meet any need or constraints of the application scenario.

  M500 M700 M1000
Material Structural Steel with Anti-rust Treatment


120 Kg 330 Kg 800 Kg
Height 1104 mm 1162 mm 2308 mm
Fork Aperture 1000 mm 1212 mm 1925 mm
Distance between plates 595 mm 795 mm 1410 mm
Through hole elevation (Nasmyth) 100 mm 100 mm 100 mm
Through hole Azimuth Axis 30 mm 60 mm 60 mm
Nominal Load 1471 N 2950 N 4900 N
Maximum Load 2950 N 4900 N 9810 N
Protection Protective Seals - General System grade IP54