SSA and tracking solution

ALTAZ Prime Focus 1m f/2

A turnkey solution for SSA and tracking observatories. The pointing and tracking capability of MORAL M500 integrated with a multi-optics payload and integrated  tracking algorithms for satellite/fast object tracking applications and monitoring of space debris.

  • Really fast objects tracking capability
  • Motion parameter customization
  • User applications compatible
  • Integrated machine learning algorithms
  • Flexible installation 
  • Internal pointing model
  • High grade environmental protection

System Specs (see also MORAL Booklet)

  •  MORAL M500 Mount
  • User configurable motion performances
    • Slew rate up to 120°/s
    • Acceleration up to 120°/s2
  • 0.68'' Pointing Accuracy
  • Unlimited AZ rotation
  • Satellite Blind Tracking Capability 
  • ASCOM Compliant user interface