Ground Support and Test Equipment

Complete tool set for satellite handling and testing

Ground Support and Test equipment are fundamental elements for a successful space mission. Ground Support Equipment shall be aimed to ease the integration allowing a compliant and safe procedures, while test equipment shall ensure the correct execution of satellite testing in order to ensure the reliability results and retrieved data.


SM-GSE is thus a modular tool fundamental to correctly manipulate and position the satellite during integration, easing the operations and avoiding direct manipulations that might lead to damages. SM-GSE can be reconfigured in multiple layouts allowing 1U 2U 3U 6U Vertical Support and 1U 2U 3U 6U Horizontal Support. Stack spacers can be mounted in the jig to ease the construction and integration of board stacks.


SM-TESTPOD Test Pod is a  designed to perform mechanical structural qualification of Cubesats. Available in 3 form factor, the system is designed and qualified to guarantee the maximum rigidity required associated with a mass compatible with common shakers available in test facilities.  All SM TESTPOD are fully compliant with NASA GEVS standard for mechanical qualification. 


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  Mass [Kg] 0,8 2,3 6,0 7,7


Integration Tool/Stack Spacer TESTPOD 1U TESTPOD 3U


  Compatible form factors

 1U/2U/3U/6U 1U 1,5U / 2U / 3U

6U L/IS/GS or 2x3U

  Cubesat form factors length

Adjustable Adjustable Adjustable


  Re-Configurable Horizontal - Vertical  - - 2x3U