Complete package solutions

Design and manufacturing


We are ready and experienced to cover all the multiple aspects of a demanding production: from a manufacturing service up to a complete system design and co-design we provide end-to-end solutions for ground and space system.

Nanosatellite Products


Successful nanosatellite missions requires high quality and reliable hardware. Thanks to our long time experience in high demanding industrial manufacturing we support engineering process with strict quality certified procedures. 

Experience in multiple nanosatellite missions allowed us to create a wide range of Cubesat products aimed to ease the mission development boosting success.

Professional Observatories


Shifting the paradigm in professional astronomy with MORAL telescope mount family. Designed for high demanding application such as satellite tracking and sky survey, MORAL is the family of ALTAZ mounts to raise the level of performances of ground observatory. 

Designed for an easy customization MORAL is available in multiple form factor and performance range in oerder to provide tailor-made solution for organization and scientific institution.