SM CubeSat Structures

Flexible and universal nanosatellite structures

SM Cubesat Structures is the family of CubeSat structures designed to offer the most performing solution to satellite developers. Based on the key concept of flexibility, structures are designed to be free from the constraints of using specific commercial component. 

Covering from 1U to 12U form factor, the product is based on the concept of a high customization range available to the customer, starting from the standard version. Aimed to provide the customer with a "tuned" solution to exploit all the margins for optimization of spaces, volumes and masses, available on the satellite and permit the integration of each of commercial hardware chosen. 


  • Modular user configurable board stacks 
  • Configurable with different Z clearance for optical payload
  • Multiple stack anchor points 
  • Configurable deployment switches
  • Independent board stack assembly
  • PC-104 standard and compatible with main commercial systems
  • Modular integration  

 SM Cubesat Structures are designed to facilitate integration and to eliminate the most of components constraints. The availability of multiple deployment switches permits the inhibition of many independent subsystem within the P-POD according to the requirements of different launch operators. 

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 Mass [g] 89  130 226 798 1430

 Deployment Switches

6 6 6



 Board Stack Height [mm]

1X98 2X98 3X98



 Custom Stack Height [mm]

Max 98 Max 211 Max 325

Max 345x200

Max 325x200

 Open Clearance in Z [mm] 85x85 85x85 85x85 (2x) 85x100 73x75 (4x)
 Alternative Z clearance - - -



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