SM Cubesat Structures

Flexible and universal Cubesat structure

SM Structure is the family of Cubesat structures designed to offer a valid solution to satellite developers. Based on the key concept of flexibility, SM structure is designed to be free from the constraints of using specific commercial component. 



SM structure family can cover the range from 1U to 6U Cubesat satisfying all the necessity of the customer. Starting from the standard version, already compatible with commercial components available on the market (write us for details), SM structure can be configured by the customer in order to satisfy each kind of requirement. 


SM structure is based in fact on the concept of a high customization range available to the customer, which is carried out with Spacemind engineers at the moment of the order. The aim is to provide the customer with a "tuned" solution to exploit all the margins for optimization of spaces, volumes and masses, available on the satellite and permit the integration of each of commercial hardware chosen by the customer. 


  • SM01
  • SM02
  • SM03