12U Cubesat Structure - Standard Configuration

9.980,00 €

  • Available
  • Lead Time 4 weeks

For a non-standard configuration, please compile the Option Sheet and send to

You can also continue with your order request through the website and notify the need of a non-standard version in the check out page.

Main features 

  • 12U CubeSat Structure
  • Weight 990 g 
  • 6 Deployment switch (Standard) - Up to 16 available with standard design
  • Self -supporting structure
  • Wide configurable board stacks
  • Horizontal, vertical, transversal stack assembly 
  • Qualified according to JX-ESPC-101133-B and ECSS-E-ST-10-03

Product items included in standard version

  • Standard structure
  • Assembly screws
  • 2 Stand-off kill switches
  • 4 Column switches
  • Stack assembly standard set