MORAL Telescope mount has been tested on the field performing star pointing and satellite tracking.

Test have been performed in relevant condition:

Motion tested at high slew rate  30°/s and 60°/s. Observation made with a 200 f10 telescope with fast acquisition CCD 1280x960 px size 4.5 micron. FOV 9x7 arcmin.  Structural model to simulate mass and test 1m class telescope  of 450 Kg and  inertia  of 300 Kgm2

ARTICA in space!

The 23 June 2017 ARTICA deorbiting system has been launched by PSLV

ARTICA deorbiting system is finally in space for qualification. The device has been launched on board CubeSat Ursa Maior the 23 June 2017 by indian launcher PSLV. The mission represents the first in-orbit validation for the deorbiting device. Go to mission page!

Our mission

Spacemind is the aerospace division of the company N.P.C. New Production Concept S.r.l. with core business focused on research and development of products dedicated to space sector. 


Our focus is to become a solution provider for nano satellite and space related applications offering complete package solutions and permitting to bring a scientific research to a commercial industrialized product and service.

Aerospace engineering know-how combined with more then 10 years experience in assembling complex automatic machines is our strategy to provide a solutions starting from engineering services to complete product design and realization.



ARTICA in space!

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Spacemind at CubeSat Developer Workshop 2017

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Spacemind at 7th European Conference on Space Debris

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Spacemind at AMOS 2016

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Spacemind at SPIE 2016

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15/12/2016 Watch MORAL slew rate tests

60°/s Azimuth pointing test

MORAL moving at 60°/s: combination of "SlewTo" and joggle command with 60°/s slew rate and 40°/s2 acceleration. 

Telescope model to simulate mass and test in relevant condition: Weight 450 Kg Inertia 300 Kgm2; Note: To perform the test in safe condition the EL axis has been temporary disabled.

30°/s sky blind pointing test

MORAL sky pointing at 30°/s: "Slew to" command from external application with 30°/s slew rate and 30°/s2 acceleration. 

Telescope model to simulate mass and test in relevant condition: Weight 450 Kg Inertia 300 Kgm2