ALPHA 1U Satellite

13/07/2022 Successfull deployment in space

NPC Spacemind satellite ALPHA has been successfully delivered in space by VEGA-C maiden flight. 

ALPHA is an Italian Space mission involving a 1U CubeSat, a satellite as big as a box with a 10 cm edge, designed and developed to be launched on-board VEGA-C maiden flight. Main goals are to perform scientific experiments to deepen the knowledge of our Solar System, and to demonstrate innovative technologies to enhance the quality of life on Earth. ALPHA will bring in orbit the second generation of ARTICA developed by Spacemind, responsible for bus procurement based on SM products, AIT and test.

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Spacemind is the aerospace division of the company N.P.C. New Production Concept S.r.l. with core business focused on research and development of products dedicated to space sector. 

Our focus is to become a solution provider for nano satellite, cubesat and space related applications offering complete package solutions and permitting to bring a scientific research to a commercial industrialized product and service. Aerospace engineering know-how combined with more then 10 years experience in assembling complex automatic machines is our strategy to provide a solutions starting from engineering services to complete product design and realization. 

Our innovative solutions range from small satellite missions, cubesat and nanosatellite hardware, up to professional observatory telescope mount and tracking systems.

NPC Spacemind is listed on  S3VI NASA Small Satellite Information Search as provider of space hardware for nanosatellite application.

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