Spacemind at ESA NEO and debris detection Conference


Spacemind presented at SMALLSAT 2019 in Logan (August 2019). Our new product SM12 Cubesat Structure has been proudly welcomed by satellite manufacturer community.

Spacemind at ESA NEO and debris detection Conference


Spacemind is presenting at NEO and Debris Detection Conference at ESOC. We are glad to share our innovative projects and products in SST and SSA with our partner Nurjanatech.

Spacemind at CUBESAT Workshop XV 2018


Spacemind showcase at CUBESAT Developers Workshop XV 2018 at Calpoly (San Luis Obispo - California) with its new family of Cubesat structures and its ultra-compact deorbiting system - Artica 2.0 - compatible with all Cubesat standards.

Spacemind at AMOS Conference 2017


Spacemind has been present at AMOS Conference 2017 in Maui (Hawaii), held in September 2017. New development in space sector and new products belonging to MORAL family have been presented at NPC stand.

Spacemind at Space Tech Expo 2017


Spacemind attended Space Tech Expo 2017 in Bremen. It has been a wonderful occasion to meet long time friends and colleagues together with the possibility to discuss and evaluate future potential partnership and cooperation in the space business. a

Spacemind at Cubesat Developers Workshop 2017 at CalPoly


Spacemind has been at 2017 CubeSat Developers Workshop in CalPoly, the annual event dedicated to supplier and customer in small sat community. The event is held at CalPoly in San Luis Obispo, the University that became reference point for CubeSat design standard and guidelines. Spacemind every year takes part to the event demonstrating the continuous commitment and involvement in the provision of nano satellite missions and related services.

Spacemind at 7th European Conference On Space Debris at ESOC


EUROPEAN CONFERENCES ON SPACE DEBRIS are the largest dedicated gatherings on the subject. Internationally renowned scientists, engineers, operators, lawyers and policy makers meet here to discuss different aspects of space debris research, including measurement techniques, environment modelling theories, risk analysis techniques, protection designs, mitigation and remediation concepts, and policy and legal issues.

Spacemind was present as one of the pioneers among space debris mitigation system provider for nanosatellites with ARTICA system and SST hardware with MORAL mount family.

Spacemind at AMOS 2016 in Maui


The Advanced Maui Optical and Space Surveillance Technologies (AMOS) Conference is the premier technical conference in the nation devoted to space surveillance. A cross section of military, contractor, and academic participation in the field of space situational awareness. We were there to present MORAL, a project born for SSA related applications. 

Spacemind at SPIE 2016 in Edinburgh


MORAL has been presented at SPIE Astronomical Telescopes + Instrumentation, the most prestigious event for developers of ground- and space-based telescopes, the supporting technologies, and the latest instrumentation.