ARTICA Deorbiting System



ARTICA (Aerodynamic Reentry Technology In Cubesat Application) is a response to the increasing problem of space debris generation in most used LEO orbit. ARTICA is a deorbiting system thought to be user friendly even for a 1U cubesat, with low volume required on board satellite. The philosophy of stand alone system and affordable system is key element in order to become a valid solution for future nanosatellite commercial missions.

  • Stand alone Plug&Play system
  • Low mass, low volume device
  • > 1 m2 drag sail
  • Suitable for 1 U
  • Easy adaptable structural interface
  • Autonomous kill switches integrated
  • External opening signal redundancy
  • External opening connector: 2A@2V
  • 25 years IADC deorbiting guidelines respected for all common Cubesat orbits


ARTICA experience