ARTICA Cubesat Deorbiting System

A space debris mitigation solution

ARTICA Cubesat Deorbiting System is a response to the increasing problem of space debris generation in most used LEO orbit. ARTICA is a deorbiting system thought to be user friendly even for a 1U cubesat, with low volume required on board satellite. The philosophy of stand alone system and affordable system is key element in order to become a valid solution for future nanosatellite commercial missions.

  • Stand alone Plug&Play system
  • Low mass, low volume device
  • > 2 sqm drag sail
  • Suitable for 1 U
  • Easy adaptable structural interface
  • Autonomous kill switches integrated


ARTICA is designed to provide maximum flexibility to satellite operator permitting thus multiple configuration layout. The system is based on two power level, a primary low power system to power the system during the storage phase (satellite operational mission) and a secondary high power system to provide enough power to the system for the activation. The low level power system is responsible for the system lifetime up to the activation.

In standard configuration ARTICA is designed to be standalone device comprehending both power system. If different configuration are required, the user can decide to provide power levels directly from satellite EPS. 


Configuration        Mass      


Consumption (Storage)


Consumption (Deployment)

Max Mission


BUS activation


A 300 g - - 2 yr 3.3 to 5 VDC / t=30s
B 260 g 0.3 mW - 3.3 VDC -


3.3 to 5 VDC / t=30s
C 230 g 0.3 mW - 3.3 VDC min 2.5 W - I > 1 Amp


3.3 to 5 VDC / t=30s

ARTICA experience