AltAz Telescope Mount

MORAL is an ALTAZ mount for 1m class telescope thought to be a solution both for astronomy and scientific  and defense use. The system has been designed to satisfy high demanding requirements in terms of accuracy and velocity beeing able to slew up to 60°/s with 1 arcsec of mechanical precision, critical performances for space debris and fast object tracking (Space Situation Awareness). The idea of a flexible and affordable system makes MORAL a suitable solution for professional observatories. The native version of MORAL named M1000 is designed for 1m class telescope. According to the increase of request in the field of astronomy it has been designed M500 and M700: reduced versions for smaller class telescope maintaining same performances in terms of accuracy and velocity.

Thanks to the parametric design philosophy the system can be adapted to different requirements in term of size. Contact us to discover other solution for special applications. 


  •        Direct Drive Motors
  •        Top quality state of the art components
  •        Increased application range


  • Aerospace methodology and mechanical optimization
  • Parametric adaptable design


  • Flexibility – Mainteinance
  • Installation cost reduction
  • Mobile Observatory

15/12/2016 Watch MORAL slew rate tests

60°/s Azimuth pointing test

MORAL moving at 60°/s: combination of "SlewTo" and joggle command with 60°/s slew rate and 40°/s2 acceleration. 

Telescope model to simulate mass and test in relevant condition: Weight 450 Kg Inertia 300 Kgm2; Note: To perform the test in safe condition the EL axis has been temporary disabled.

30°/s sky blind pointing test

MORAL sky pointing at 30°/s: "Slew to" command from external application with 30°/s slew rate and 30°/s2 acceleration. 

Telescope model to simulate mass and test in relevant condition: Weight 450 Kg Inertia 300 Kgm2